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What are ServoSETS?

by Don Macleod

What do you need to get your servo project up and running quickly at an economical cost? A servo system that is top quality, easy to select, easy to install, and readily available. In other words, ServoSETS from Applied Motion!

What are ServoSETS?

ServoSETS are preselected, preconfigured servo systems available for purchase under one part number. There are 8 ServoSETS included in the initial rollout. Each set includes the key components needed for 100 Watt (40 mm frame size) and 200 Watt (60 mm frame size) motors. Matching motor cable, encoder cable, brake cable (if needed) and drive are preselected for each motor size and type. This makes selecting compatible components a snap – because you don’t have to do it. We’ve already done it for you! You can choose from AC powered or DC powered systems.

Need the motor to have an integral holding brake? There are ServoSETS for that too, and the brake cable is included. Preconfigured means that when you receive the system it is ready to run out of the box. The servo drive’s control mode is already set for step & direction control and the peak and continuous currents are already set for the selected motor. The tuning is set for bench top testing with no load. You can take it out of the box and run it right away. Instructions for selecting tuning parameters for 1X, 5X and 10X inertial loads are included.

These are high quality industry-standard servo motors and drives using the latest technology available to provide reliable and efficient servo control at very competitive prices. The motors include 10,000 count per revolution incremental optical encoders with A, B, and Z channels.

As of April 30, 2015 we have a selection of 8 ServoSETS available, ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Watsonville CA.

More information on ServoSETS can be found here.