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SSM and TXM StepSERVO™ Product Launch

by Jeff Kordik

Customers who became familiar with Applied Motion Products’ new StepSERVO™ product line during our January introduction will be excited to learn that we’ve expanded our offering. The StepSERVO™ all-in-one closed loop motor/drive solution now includes three SSM23 Ethernet models featuring our proprietary “Q over Ethernet” protocol as well as industry standard EtherNet/IP.

But there’s more! Applied Motion is also proud to introduce the first IP65-rated TXM StepSERVO™ products. These units are built from the ground up to survive harsh environments and include a powerful NEMA24 motor and industrial grade M12 connectors. Control and communication options include step-direction, velocity control, stored Q programming and streaming commands over RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus and CANopen.

The StepSERVO™ is ideally suited for applications such as packaging and labeling, automated test and measurement, automated assembly and life sciences. StepSERVO™ motors use closed loop feedback and advanced control technology, leading to 50% more torque, fast dynamic response and high operating efficiency. This approach combines the best features of step motor and servo system performance in a cost effective motion control solution.

Our StepSERVO™ line now includes 45 models in all, most of them readily stocked right here in California.