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StepSERVO™ featured in Design World Online

by Eric Rice

Design World contributing editor Steve Meyer recently published an article titled “Step Motors: Take a Step in the Right Direction” featuring Applied Motion’s very own Jeff Kordik, Chief Technical Officer, and the new StepSERVO™ line of integrated stepper motors. The article is about the traditional limitations of step motors – such as rotor settling time, resonance and motor heating – and how those limitations can be overcome using closed loop current control. The full article is available online here.

“In many cases with moderate duty cycles, users can apply the next smaller size of motor and drive because of the improved performance both in torque and thermal limit. The benefit in packaging of complex systems can be really significant in terms of size, weight, heat dissipation and ultimately, reduced cost.” – Jeff Kordik, as quoted in the Design World article.

StepSERVO™ integrated steppers provide closed loop control of step motors. The step motor, drive and closed loop controller are integrated into a single device which means lower overall cost due to simplified wiring and installation procedures. The closed loop nature of the StepSERVO™ offers improved thermal performance (the motor runs cooler) as well as peak torques of up to 50% greater than the same motor run open loop. The technology also offers better settling time and higher accuracy due to the high resolution 20,000 ppr encoder used. More information on the new line of StepSERVO™ integrated stepper motors can be found here.