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Did You Know? Swimming with the Fishes

by Jim Amos

Applied Motion Products has delivered our first IP67 compatible motor! An OEM found our new line of brushless DC motors and performance matched drives to be the perfect choice for their project - with one exception, one BIG exception. The motor needed to survive full immersion in liquid for a 24 hour period.

That sounds like the IP67 rating requirement, but not quite so. The IP67 specification as described in IEC 60529 says that the device must survive temporary immersion for 30 minutes. IP68 is continuous immersion of a time agreed upon by the customer and manufacturer. We have never attempted to seal a motor that tight; but our success with IP65 rated step motors and IP65 rated integrated motors proves we are up to the task.

Well, as was our practice to far exceed the prescribed IP65 testing (minimum spray time is 3 minutes, we sprayed for a month), we set out to exceed our customer’s requirement. It took a few attempts and involved a re-design of the housing to improve internal sealing, but in the end we were successful! We had the motor swimming with the fishes for 65 hours while remaining ingress free.

And we have a video to prove it! How long did this endeavor take? We shipped the prototypes in 60 days from the date the customer defined the requirement.

The combination of our expanded in-house engineering capability and our advanced manufacturing facilities has reduced our time to deliver custom prototypes.

So go ahead and send us a challenging job, our Don and his wise guys will make sure your project doesn’t end up sleeping with the fishes!

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