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TSM Step Servo Integrated Motors: High Throughput!

by Don Macleod

Customers who build high throughput production machinery demand cost effective, high performance motion control. Applied Motion Products has responded to this demand by developing a broad range of step-servo motors. Ideally suited for applications such as packaging and labeling, automated test and measurement, automated assembly and life sciences. Step servo motors use closed loop feedback and advanced control technology, leading to 50% more torque, fast dynamic response and high operating efficiency. This approach combines the best features of step motor and servo system performance in a cost effective motion control solution. The TSMs are an all-in-one motor/drive solution and include NEMA size 17 and 23 options, plus enhanced versions capable of providing torque output typical of size 24 motors. All models include pulse/direction options, fieldbus options and stored program options. The full range consists of 36 models in all, most of them readily stocked right here in California.

More information about these motors is available on our website!