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J Series Servo Motors Product Launch

by Mike Fahey

J series servos have arrived at our California warehouse. They include 18 new part numbers providing a wide range of choices that address the most common requests we get for servo motors.

Key benefits for our customers include:

  1. Readily available
  2. Low price
  3. High quality
  4. Choice of three different metric frame sizes 40, 60, or 80 mm
  5. Power range 100 W, 200 W, 400 W, and 750 W
  6. Windings to match DC powered servo drives and AC powered servo drives
  7. Brake motors available for all sizes
  8. Optimized for use with SV200 Servo Drives
  9. Matching cables to make hook up easy
  10. J series motors are also compatible with our SV7 series, our SVAC3 series and our BLuAC5 series amplifier/controllers.

The servo motors include incremental optical encoders with 10,000 counts per revolution making them an easy match with many other amplifiers available in the marketplace. All of this comes in a rugged IP65 rated housing.

These servo motors are UL and CE certified and have comparable speed and torque ratings to the most popular low inertia servo motors with continuous speeds to 3,000 RPM and maximum speeds to 5,000 RPM. The laser welded segmented stator pole construction allows for maximum copper fill and our proprietary encapsulation method enables maximum heat transfer. This results in higher performance and lower operating temperatures.

J Series – the next big thing from Applied Motion Products – order yours today!

Please watch our video introducing the J Series servo motors here.