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DC Servo Systems with Industrial Networking

by Ken Doner

You probably already know about the excellent networking capability of the Applied Motion Products DC stepper offering. Did you know that Applied Motion also has CANopen, EtherNet/IP Modbus RTU, and the ASCII based Streaming Command Language (SCL) networking options for the SV7 Series DC servo amplifiers? Additionally, Modbus TCP/IP is just around the corner with a scheduled release in Q1 2015.

People use DC servo systems for a number of reasons including reduced cost compared to AC servo systems, reduced regulatory requirements, and enhancements to existing DC stepper based systems.

When paired with our new line of recently released J Series Servo Motors, the list price or a 400W DC servo system with EtherNet/IP connectivity is only $1088. This is less than the cost of many 400W AC Servo amplifiers by themselves!

SV7-IP-EE, Q Programmable Servo Drive with EtherNet/IP: List Price $597

J0400-305-4-000, 60mm Servo Motor, 400W: List price $411

3004-300-3M, Servo Motor Power Cable, 3 meters: List Price $35

3004-301-3M, Servo Motor Feedback Cable, 3 meters: List Price $45

Check out our full line of servo amplifiers and motors at Applied Motion Products.

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