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The Path to Superior Technology Enlightenment

by Anonymous

Brian Mason, Regional Sales Engineer – Southwest

Applied Motion Products is like an iceberg. At the tip, you know them to be a renowned manufacturer of high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. Below the surface however is where the real action is! Advanced algorithms such as step smoothing filters, harmonic waveform smoothing and electronic damping propel our technology ahead of the curve. Let’s dive into these technology characteristics with competitor data analysis to showcase why ours is better.

1) Smoothness. Our step smoothing filter and harmonic waveform smoothing features make a motor run smoother and quieter at low speed. Here’s a comparison of our STR and HT34 motor versus “the competition”.

Applications that operate the motor at full step generally result in rough motion, especially at low speeds. We put an analog tachometer on the Brand X motor and captured a scope plot of speed variation at 200 Hz (1 rev/sec) with the Brand Y drive:

Next, we connected our STR8 drive, also set for full step. The speed variation is slightly reduced, mostly due to improved current control and anti-resonance.

Finally, we turned on the STR8 step smoothing filter, greatly reducing the speed variation and audible noise. See the improved results at low speed in the plot below.

2) Settling time – In applications that require high throughput point to point motion, settling time is critical. Ours is faster because of our electronic damping algorithm.

If you have questions about our algorithms such as how they can truly benefit your next motion control project, please contact Applied Motion directly or your local RSM. You’ll be so glad you did!

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