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3D Printers

by Don Macleod

Applied Motion Products’ Integrated step motor drives offer an ideal motion control solution for an ever increasing variety of 3D printers. 3D printer technology is being applied to an amazing number of applications including: Fabrication of aircraft parts, personal items including shoes, medical devices, carbon fiber structures and even biological systems. 3D printing will revolutionize the manufacturing industry, enabling developments that previously could not be imagined.

Applied Motion Products recently took delivery of a 3D printer manufactured by 3DP Unlimited. This is a large format 3D printer, one of the largest available with a work area of around 10 cubic feet. This massive work area allows developers to explore the characteristics of large scale prototypes quickly to either confirm performance prior to tooling commitment or make a functioning part in the case of one-off unique requirements.


The machine uses 5 axes of motion powered by Applied Motion size 23 integrated step motors for 3D Cartesian positioning and a Moons’ step motor for feeding the thermoplastic printer filament to the work area. The integrated motor, by combining the drive electronics and motor in one economical and compact high torque package, is an ideal solution for this type of application. The versatility and speed of this machine ensures it will become a valued part of our own product development program, enabling us to react quickly to customer demands with all variety of specialized custom motion control products.

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