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More Modbus! Integrated Size 17 & 23 Motor+Drives

by Mike Fahey

The Modbus just keeps rolling along!

The most recent products to get on the bus are the STM17Q and STM23Q integrated motors. We started by adding Modbus to the STM24Q and SWM24Q (IP65) integrated stepper motors, and then, by popular demand, we added it to the ST5Q and ST10Q DC powered stepper drive/controls as well.


Now, the following Modbus RTU choices are available in RS-232 or RS-485 versions:

Integrated drive and motor • STM17Q seriesSTM23Q seriesSTM24Q seriesSWM24Q (IP65) series

Separate drive and motor • ST5Q seriesST10Q series

What does this mean? First of all, more options. There are now three integrated motor sizes: 17, 23, 24 as well as conventional motor and drive sizes from: 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 24 and up through 34! There are motors with encoders, cables, and IP65.

All of these choices come with the Modbus RTU option. Modbus RTU makes connecting to external devices from other manufacturers a piece of cake. Modbus protocol means communication is “pre-engineered.” It makes connecting HMIs, and PLCs to our motion controls a familiar part of the routine.


Here you’ll find all the app notes for connecting HMIs and PLCs to our Modbus compatible drives. The latest app note shows the pre-engineered screens for position, jogging, status monitoring, and calling Q segments with a Proface touchscreen HMI. Check it out.

The Modbus protocol has been so successful, we just keep adding it to more products as fast as we can. Today it’s Modbus RTU; tomorrow we will be adding Modbus TCP/IP.

Stay tuned for more!
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