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Shanghai Moons’ Electric Acquires Applied Motion

by Don Macleod


Shanghai, China – June 13th, 2014 – Shanghai Moons’ Electric Co., Ltd. announced that it has acquired Applied Motion Products, Inc. of Watsonville, CA.  Applied Motion Products was founded in 1978 and specializes in providing advanced stepper, and servo motor drives to a broad range of industrial and OEM customers.

“Our acquisition of Applied Motion Products complements our overall product offering of stepper, servo, brushless DC motors by providing enhanced drives and software. This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to offer complete motion solutions for our customers in North America and globally. This acquisition is an expansion of our joint venture that was started in 2007 where AMP and Moons’ shared technology and R&D in the development of motor drives. This will further enhance organizations by the integration of all resources and strengths including sales networks” said James Chang, President of Shanghai Moon’s Electric.
“We are pleased to see Applied Motion Products become part of the Moons’ team. In a globally competitive market place the combination of Applied Motion Products' brand and leading edge motion technology combined with Moons’ broad product offering, world class manufacturing capability and resources provides us with a sustainable competitive advantage” said Don Macleod CEO of Applied Motion Products
No changes are planned in the day-to-day operation of Applied Motion Products, with the exception of reporting to Shanghai Moons’ Electric Company.


About Shanghai Moons’ Electric Company, Ltd.

Shanghai Moons’ Electric Company, Ltd., based in Shanghai, China, was founded in 1994 Moons' is a leading manufacturer of automation including; stepper motors, BLDC motors, servo motors and motor drives.  Moons’ continues to play a major role in the manufacturing automation field with Moons’ moving forward to being a system level provider of total motion control solutions.  Moons’ is the 4th largest global manufacturer of hybrid stepper motors with total annual revenue in excess of 200 million USD.

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