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Modbus Product Line Expanded

by Jeff Kordik

If you’ve been following recent developments in our motion control networking products, you know that Applied Motion Products added the Modbus RTU protocol to their NEMA24 integrated step drive+motor family back in December.

Now it’s June and our engineering team is proud to announce the availability of the widely used Modbus RTU protocol on our ST5-Q and ST10-Q stepper drives. That’s right, in addition to the EtherNet/IP, CANopen and proprietary “Q over Ethernet” protocols, we provided one more way to create a robust industrial network with our products. For Modbus applications, the ST5 and ST10 are available with RS-232 or RS-485 communication. These value packed drives can also be ordered with an encoder feedback option, supporting position verification, automatic position maintenance, stall detection and stall prevention. And don’t forget, we have a wide range of specially engineered motors to pair with the ST drives. Need an IP65 rated motor? We’ve got you covered.

To see the entire line, please visit the Modbus stepper drive series page on our website. While you’re there, be sure to browse our Application Notes page, where you’ll find detailed instructions and sample code to help you get your PLC or HMI talking to our motion products. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Modbus® is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric, licensed to the Modbus Organization, Inc.