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Modbus Compatible STM24 and ST Series

by Mike Fahey

The STM24 and ST Series are Modbus compatible and ready to plug and play with HMI’s and PLC’s.

Modbus serial communications protocol makes it easy for machine designers and builders to control and connect devices from different manufacturers. The addition of Modbus protocol to Applied Motion’s programmable integrated motors – the STM24 series, and to the ST5 & ST10 series DC stepper drive/controls eliminates the need for special driver software. It is often necessary for a machine have a touch screen interface, I/O, and multiple motor drive/controls. If they all are Modbus ready they can communicate easily without the need for special driver software. For point to point moves the distributed control architecture of the STM and ST series enables execution of complex motion sequences without needing a separate motion controller.

The photo shows a Proface HMI connected to an STM24 that is in turn coupled to a PBC Linear actuator. The HMI has a program installed developed by Applied Motion that provides touch buttons that can enter register values for: position, velocity, monitor, or Q segment functions in the STM24 integrated motor via the Modbus protocol.

The app note on our website that describes how we connected the Proface to our STM24 can be found here.

For applications requiring additional I/O, many PLC’s are Modbus ready. The photo below shows a Panasonic PLC that can act as a Modbus master or slave depending on the application requirements. You can find the app note for how we connected a Panasonic PLC here.

So now you know it's easy to connect and run a complete machine control scheme using Modbus. Watch for more Modbus compatible products in the coming months.

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