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Industrial Networking, Part III

by Ken Doner

In the third part of our Industrial Networking focus articles, we will take a look at how Applied Motion products can be easily integrated into an existing machine or new machine design using the EtherNet/IP protocol. First, let’s take a look at the products that have the EtherNet/IP networking capability. The networking chart for our product lines shows that the ST, STAC5, STM, and SWM stepper product lines as well as the SVAC3 and SV7 AC/DC Servo products have EtherNet/IP connectivity. Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) files are available for all these products.

For CompactLogix and ControLogix users, Applied Motion has developed sample Add-On-Instructions (AOI) for the following commands: Jog, Position_Move, Enable_and_Reset, Home, Status_Code, Alarm_Code, Set_Position, and Input_Assembly. There is also an Applied Motion Input_Data type. The procedure to import and set up Tags for these AOI commands is provided in the application note on our website.

Let’s take a look at the Position_Move Add-On-Instruction.

You can set the move type to be Incremental or Absolute mode; set speed, acceleration and deceleration parameters; set incremental move length or absolute position destination; set the In Position Window parameter; and monitor Encoder and Absolute Position. We believe the sample Position_Move AOI as developed will be sufficient for the vast majority of the positioning moves. Of course, everyone is free to edit or develop their own code for Add-On-Instructions.

Experienced Allen Bradley users will be able to import the AOI and EDS files, set up the Ethernet communication channel, and begin spinning motors quickly and easily. You can set up multiple axes in the same PLC and mix-and-match product types. The SWM integrated motor/drive products have an IP65 rating and can be mounted directly on the machine when control cabinet space is limited.

What about Micrologix users or people that would like to utilize the stored program capability in the stepper motor drives? Not to worry, you can program positioning segments using Q programmer and trigger the segments via EtherNet/IP communications. See the application notes 22 and 23 on our website for setup instructions and sample code. Procedure to setup and interface an Applied Motion Products EtherNet/IP drive to an Allen Bradley® MicroLogix PLC. Procedure to setup and interface an Applied Motion Products EtherNet/IP drive to an Allen Bradley® CompactLogix PLC.

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