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New Product Release: 57mm and 80mm Brushless DC Motors

by Jeff Kordik

Applied Motion Products is proud to announce new additions of our line of brushless DC motors & drives. In addition to the line of 42mm motors introduced last year, the company is now offering six 57mm and 80mm motors. The new motors range in power from 60W to 300W with available continuous torque of 21 to 102 ounce inches and are ideal for speed control applications.

All motors are available with matching BD series brushless DC drives featuring advanced control technology for excellent performance and ease of use. The drives are aimed at OEM applications that require high performance, high speed stability, basic speed control and low cost. Velocity is commanded by analog or multispeed digital inputs. The supply voltage for the drives is 12 to 48 VDC. Matching DC power supplies ship from stock. Gear heads are also available.

To aid in drive/motor placement, Applied Motion Products is offering two extension cables: a 1 meter cable, part number 3004-272-1M, and a three meter cable, part number 3004-272-3M.

For more information, please call Applied Motion Products at 800-525-1609 or visit