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Stepper and Servo Multi-Axis Control

by Jason Jones

Does your motion control application involve more than 1 axis of stepper or servo? Applied Motion Products multi-axis control, SiNet Hub Programmer™ software and one of our SiNet™ Hubs may be the right solution. SiNet Hub Programmer™ takes our single-axis Si Programmer™ software and augments it to handle up to 4 or 8 axes, depending on whether you use it with the SiNet™ Hub 444-DIN or SiNet™ Hub 8. Stepper and servo drives can be mixed and matched in any combination on the Hub. By choosing the drive type you need, based on the requirements of each axis, the Hub can provide a cost effective motion control solution.

The SiNet Hub solution includes all of the Si Programmer™ instructions, plus support for starting multiple axes at the same time, delaying the start of multiple axes at different time intervals, sharing I/O between axes, using one operator interface (HMI/MMI) for all axes, and more. Nearly every Applied Motion drive with an RS-232 port can be used with the Hub. Visit the stepper drives, integrated steppers, and servo drives pages and select Control Mode = SiNet Hub Compatible to find the best drives to use with the Hub.

The SiNet™ Hub 444-DIN allows up to 4 stepper and servo drives to be connected together to create an RS-232 serial network of drives. The SiNet™ Hub 8 allows up to 8 stepper and servo drives to be connected together to create an RS-232 serial network of drives. SiNet™ Hub 444-DIN has 4 built-in programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs. Hub programs and host computers also have access to the I/O in each stepper or servo drive, typically 8 inputs and 3 outputs per drive.

The Hub is powered by the drive connected to port #1, saving you the cost and installation expense of using a separate power supply. Commands available with the Hub include relative, absolute and homing moves, I/O control, status, and more. The Hub can operate in two controls modes. It can run stored programs created with the SiNet Hub Programmer™ software for stand-alone applications. And it can be run as a serial router for streaming serial commands from a host PC or PLC using Applied Motion’s Serial Command Language (SCL).

Please contact us with questions about your motion application.

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