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Frequently Asked Sales Questions

by Dennis Joyce

As a salesperson, I love when I am asked questions. Asking me questions is a great way for me to better understand your needs. There are no dumb or stupid questions - questions are how we learn. Too often, salespeople don’t ask enough questions and we lose opportunities to solve a problem or sell a solution. So here are some questions I would ask Applied Motion Products if I was buying from the website or a sales manager. Some of the answers may surprise you!

Do you offer .9 degree step motors? Yes, we do. We offer .9 degree step motors in frame sizes 17 and 23.

Do you offer encoder output on ST5/10 drive models? Yes, we offer four models ST5-Q-NF, ST5-SI-NF, ST10-Q-NF and ST10-Q-NF. All these drives have encoder feedback and encoder output. Taking the encoder output back to a PLC or rate indicator is a common request.

Do you know the difference between MMI-01 and MMI-02? Yes--the MMI-02 offers a backlit LCD display.

Do you offer a dual axis stepper drive? Yes--the 2035XD is a very cost-effective two-axis micro-stepping drive. The overall cost for the 2035XD is $290.00--that equates to $145.00 per stepper axis, which isn't bad.

Do I need to add current limiting resistors to your stepper drives? No, no more sizing resistors to limit current to the motor. Depending on the drive this is accomplished either from software or hardware switch selections.

Do you charge for software? Nope, it is available at no cost and is downloadable from our website.

Do you offer leadscrew stepper motors? Yes--we are just finishing up our initial offering! Give us a call to learn more about sizes and capabilities of leadscrew stepper motors.

Do you offer EtherCat? No, not yet, but look for an important announcement on EtherCat from us mid-year.

Okay, you get the idea. Don’t be bashful. Pick up the phone or email us with those questions, you may be surprised by our answers.

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