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Custom AMP Products and Firmware for OEM Customers!

by Glenn Johnson

Applied Motion Products offers a wide and ever-increasing range of products for your automation needs. That said, we’ve all been in a situation where an exact solution to a particular need simply doesn’t exist. You might need something that simply hasn’t been done before, or maybe an existing product is painfully close to what you would call “ideal” except for one particular feature that you need to have modified in some way.

Fear not, brave designers! Applied Motion Products has a long track record of working with users and OEM customers to provide unique solutions for their needs. Here are a few examples.

One customer has had success with our AC powered step driver, the STAC6. It works beautifully in the application, but the final installation locations dictate a much wider temperature range than the standard STAC6 will allow. A single system from this customer must survive in locations experiencing everything from desert heat to sub-zero arctic cold. 

If your installation site looks like either of these images, you might be outside the standard temperature range.

For this customer we are providing a custom version of the drive with new components and are further experimenting with heatsinking and mounting procedures to increase the allowable temperature range as much as possible. 

One that you may already be familiar with is our selection of EtherNet/IP products, but you may not know that the genesis of this line was a customer request for a drive to interface with a Rockwell control system. We researched the technology and implemented it for this customer, then went on to productize it so everyone can benefit. (We are presently following this same path with other protocols and fieldbus networks, so keep checking for updates!)

Many other examples could be cited, from new SCL commands to allow configuration without Windows-based software to firmware alterations to allow very low speed motion for specific types of digital pumps. 

The moral of the story is simple. If you have a need that you can’t quite fill, contact your Regional Sales Manager and ask about the possibility of creating a custom solution. We look forward to working with you!

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