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New Standard Step Motors Available with 10ft Cables and Optional Encoder Covers

by Mike Fahey

Applied Motion Products has offered step motors with 10-ft. shielded cables for motors matched with higher voltage drives for years. Customers see the value of purchasing a step motor with a high quality, shielded cable already installed by the factory, which saves time and money from having to do this themselves in the field. Because of the success of these motors, we have expanded the offering to include cabled motor options for lower-powered DC drives as well.

The table below shows the new size 23 and 34 step motors that are optimized for use with DC-powered drives and come standard with 10-ft. shielded cables pre-installed. These motors are available with encoders as well, with or without a cover for the encoder. View product details for all cabled step motors here.

Single Shaft Double Shaft Encoder Encoder + Cover
HT23-598C HT23-598DC HT23-598DC-ZAA HT23-598DC-ZAC
HT23-601C HT23-601DC HT23-601DC-ZAA HT23-601DC-ZAC
HT34-506C HT34-506DC HT34-506DC-ZAA HT34-506DC-ZAC