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Introducing a World Class IP65 Motor and Drive Solution

by Don Macleod

Demanding industrial environments require tough motors and drives. The increasing application of automation in the food and beverage industry has driven the need for motors and drives that stand up to wet and dusty operating environments while delivering expected reliability, performance and value. Applied Motion Products has responded to these needs by developing a line of motors and integrated drive+motors that have been certified IP65 capable. Featuring oil shaft seals, engineered gaskets and special coating technology, our IP65 offerings have been engineered for the toughest environments with in-house testing well beyond the expectations of the standard.

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the addition of TUV certified IP65 rated integrated drive+motors and three frame sizes of IP65 step motors to our broad line of motion control products.

The new SWM24 fuses a high performance motion controller to a high torque NEMA24 step motor. (The NEMA 24 frame size mounts like the popular NEMA 23 motor, but has a 15% larger cross section, allowing it to deliver more torque in the same length.) The entire package is engineered to resist the ingress of water and dust to IP65 standards. All connectors are sealed, M12 style. Mating cord sets are available from stock to get you up and running quickly. All SWM24 models provide 340 ounce inches of holding torque and are available with Ethernet or RS-232 communication. All models include a 4000 count/rev optical encoder, safely housed inside, to provide closed loop features including stall detection, position verification, position maintenance and Applied Motion's proprietary stall prevention algorithm.

Connecting to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix or MicroLogix PLC? EtherNet/IP is also available. The SWM24 accepts 12 to 70 volt DC power. Excellent performance will be achieved when powered by our PS320A48 48 volt DC power supply.

For those who prefer the motor and drive in separate packages, we offer IP65 rated step motors in three frame sizes, NEMA 23, 24 and 34, delivering from 150 to 1260 oz-in of torque. All motors are available with optional incremental encoders supporting closed loop operation.

To learn more about our IP65 products, encoder feedback features and much more, please visit our new video library.

All IP65 motors are compatible with our stock drives whether your application requires AC or DC voltage input. Simple, low cost pulse-direction drives provide unparalleled economy. For more demanding applications, models are available with stored programming capability and the ability to accept real time streaming commands over RS-232, RS-485, CANopen, Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP.

For more information see our IP65 product overview video.