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Cables, Encoder Covers and More

by Mike Fahey

Because we have added innovations like DSP based resonance cancellation and closed loop control, stepper drives and step motors are being used more extensively than ever. This has highlighted a need for ruggedness and reliability step motors have not always been known for. Customers tell us motors need to withstand harsh environments and be easily installed and maintained in factory automation and even outdoor uses.

We stock standard step motors in size 23 and 34 that have integral 10 foot shielded cables. Recently we have added aluminum covers for motors with encoders mounted to the rear shaft. The encoder cover option includes a 10 foot shielded cable for the encoder in addition to the motor cable. Motors with shielded cables are available in IP43 ratings for clean and dry factory automation settings or as IP65 models for harsher environments.

Above is an example of a size 23 IP65 motor without encoder and with encoder.

Here’s a list of IP43 size 23 and 34 standard stock motors with integral 10 foot shielded cables:

List of IP43 Motors

But wait… there’s more…


Coming this fall to round out the family we are introducing size 17 motors with encoder cover and cable options … stay tuned!

Or… If your application is better served by an integrated motor we now have the SWM24 IP65 series with M12 connectors and accessory cable sets.

Motor Cables

So whether your motors will be in a clean and dry or a wet and dirty environment, Applied Motion offers motors with cables, encoder covers and more – from stock! With our 35 years of experience we make sure the quality is built in to every motor we ship. Check with your regional manager or applications engineer to pick the best motor for your requirements.

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