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Ultra High Torque Step Motors

by Don Macleod

In applications where machine designers require high torque but are faced with restrictive space constraints or driver power is maxed out, ultra high torque stepper motors can provide an effective solution. The availability of this class of motor provides designers with options to achieve 25-45% greater torque in a stepper motor package that is size for size identical to a conventional motor. In some cases this can avoid the need to jump to a higher frame size to obtain sufficient torque for the application. The result can be cashed in as either machine performance that is best in class for its size or a reduction in the needed power levels for drive electronics. The ultra high torque stepper motors achieve breakthrough levels of performance due to their enhanced magnetic design. All stepper motors produce torque based on the variance in magnetic permeability created by the rotor/stator teeth. In ultra high torque steppers the magnetic permeability variation is enhanced by the addition of rare earth magnets. To put this in perspective, a conventional 96 mm size 34 stepper motor is capable of 5.9 N-m of holding torque. The enhanced version of this same motor is capable of 9 N-m or 1278 oz-in (ET34-101). To achieve this holding torque the conventional motor would be 125 mm or 31% longer. Ultra high torque motors that employ this technology are available for OEM customers in NEMA sizes 23, 24 and 34. Please note that these motors are not available on the website, please call your Applied Motion Products regional sales manager to discuss requirements.