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New! Drives with USB Ports

by Jeff Kordik

You read it right, our entire line of RS-232 based step and servo drives are now available with USB interfaces that are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, even the 64 bit versions. This includes the ST and STAC6 stepper drives, STM integrated steppers and the SV and BLUAC servo products.

That’s an amazing feat; how did we redesign all of that hardware in such a short time? Well, the dirty little secret is that we are actually introducing USB serial conversion cables. The products themselves are unchanged.

The 3004-235 (shown at left) allows you to connect any RS-232 drive directly to your PC’s USB port. It works seamlessly with all of our popular software applications, including ST Configurator, Q Programmer, Si Programmer and Quick Tuner. They are in stock and ready for order from our web store today. But why didn’t we just build USB into our drives? Many of our customers use Applied Motion drives and controls in streaming command applications, where a host continuously sends real time commands and queries to one or more drives. USB is a poor choice because it doesn’t stand up well to industrial strength electrical noise and because the maximum USB cable length is not adequate for many applications. So we skipped over USB and built Ethernet ports into our most popular products.

That’s right, you can get ST, STAC5, STM, SV and SVAC drives with a built-in Ethernet port, ready for connection to your network. Right from our web store. Try one today!