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Did You Know? Streaming Configuration

by Don Moxon

For most systems, a new or replacement drive will be commissioned with ST Configurator before installation into the machine. This is a one-time event for a drive, and if a predefined configuration file is used it takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure. It does however, require a PC to load the configuration data to the drive. ST Configurator remains the recommended way to configure a new drive, but for large or very complex machines this extra step is something that the operators may wish to avoid. In these situations, it is desired that the controller be able to commission a replacement drive at runtime, either during every machine power cycle or in a dedicated drive commission function. To be more specific, a suite of new SCL commands will allow the user to perform the following functions directly, without using ST Configurator:

  • PT (Pulse Type) to set or read step mode.
  • HD (Hard Stop Pulse Delay) to set or read encoder attempts (hard stop time out).
  • MC (Rated Motor Current) to set motor rated current and also sets “other motor” flag.
  • LS (Lead Angle Speed) to set stall prevention maximum lead angle speed.
  • LA (Lead Angle Max Value) to set stall prevention max lead angle.
  • PN (Probe On Demand) to request a motor probe.
  • ES (Single-Ended Encoder Usage) to set or clear encoder single ended flag.
  • RO (Anti-Resonance ON) to set anti-resonance ON bit in motor details.
  • VL (Voltage Limit) to limit the maximum PWM voltage to the motor.

For specific details please see the app note on the website as well as the relevant command pages in the Host Command Reference (download here).

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