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Did You Know? Test Your Move!

by Jason Jones

The Move Profile Analysis tool allows you to graphically view the move profile you are programming. Not sure how your stepper motor will perform when you change one or more characteristics of the move profile, such as, distance, accel, decel, or velocity? You do now! The Move Profile Analysis Tool allows you to make one or more changes and then test the move in your application via the Test Profile button. Your stepper motor will move when you click the Test Profile button so be prepared and use caution. Once you find the move profile you need there is even a convenient button to insert the required move commands into your Q Program Segment. To return to the Q programming environment select the Close Chart button in the bottom right corner. ST Configurator™ is used to configure and program our ST5/10, STAC5, STAC6 and STM/SWM stepper drives. The Move Profile Analysis tool is part of Q Programmer in ST Configurator™. Q Programmer is available in the Tool menu of ST Configurator. The Move Profile Analysis tool is available by selecting Move Profile from the Show menu of Q Programmer.


The Move Profile Analysis tool is just one of many great features in the ST Configurator™ software. Did I mention it was FREE? Download it today and consider an Applied Motion Products solution for your next project.

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