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Website Feature: Happy Birthday, Ecommerce!

by Eric Rice

This past August the secure checkout process on turned 1 year old. On August 11, 2011 we accepted our very first online order through the new website. Since then we’ve continued to increase the number of products available for purchase through our site, all while improving the buying experience and Customer Service provided to our valuable Customers, Distributors and Resellers throughout the US and Canada.

And we’re not stopping. The ease of doing business with Applied Motion Products will only improve in 2013. You can expect to see not only more products available on our website, but better support and selection tools, more tutorial and product introduction videos, more documentation, and more innovation. It’s an exciting time at Applied Motion Products. Add something to your cart and join the fun.

For more details on how our site incorporates ecommerce and secure checkout features see this news item from Nov, 2011.

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