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Did You Know? We do Custom Drives

by Jeff Kordik

In another recent Did You Know? article we introduced you to some of our customized motors. Our customized solutions also include drives and software. One example is a three axis microstepping drive with an integrated PC for an engraving machine (top photo). We saved the customer money and simplified their assembly by integrating three of our popular 3540M step motor drives with a personal computer.

Our next example, shown in the lower left, is a custom driver and controller that provide serial communication over the 24 volt DC power bus. The application involved rotating light cubes around a pole. Power was supplied over slip rings, so communicating over the DC bus eliminated the cost and complexity of additional slip rings. The motion board was designed to slide inside a custom aluminum extrusion, improving the cosmetics of this point-of-sale advertising assembly.

Pictured on the lower right is a fully custom drive designed to power a size 34 step motor-driven centrifuge used in a medical lab.

Custom drives

We also produce many standard drives with customized firmware. This capability allows Applied Motion Products to provide a low cost, rapid response to new application requirements. Most of these solutions bear a striking resemblance to the standard products you can see and purchase on our web site. They are identified by a custom part number label (see photo below).

In some cases, we even apply custom designed labels bearing the brand of a reseller to introduce our products into new markets.. Sorry, but we can’t show you an example of that; it would defeat the purpose of “private labeling”.

If your application requirements are just a little outside what our standard products offer, or even far outside, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our sales managers or application engineers how we can engineer a solution for you.

ST-S drive with custom firmware

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