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Introducing Quad Stack Step Motors

by Jeff Kordik

Torque You Very Much. That’s what step motors are all about – bringing torque to the application. The exceptional low speed torque of a step motor can be used to accelerate a heavy load or overcome stiff friction, in many cases providing enough excess torque to avoid the use of an expensive gear reducer. It’s no surprise that our most popular motors are the HT17-275 and HT23-601, each providing the highest torque in their respective frame sizes, NEMA 17 and NEMA 23.

But our motor engineering team hasn’t been resting on its laurels: they’ve been busy developing motors that produce even more torque.

The HT17-278 delivers 113 ounce-inches of holding torque, a 45% increase over the “275”. It can even provide 50 oz-in of dynamic torque at speeds as high as 10 revolutions per second. Click here for more information on this motor, which starts at $70.

HT17 motors

HT17-278 torque curve

The HT23-603 increases the holding torque of our reigning champion, the “601”, by 30%, to 354 oz-in. Dynamic torque at 10 rev/sec is 225 oz-in. This torque monster lists for just $145. More information is availalbe here.

HT23-603 torque curve

Whatever your step motor, driver or software needs, Applied Motion Products has the solution. As always, volume discounts are available on all of our products.