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Did You Know? Status Monitor

by Bob Loyzim

Many of the stepper drives we offer are set up through the ST Configurator™ software. These include the ST5/10, STAC5, STAC6 and STM drives. ST Configurator provides an easy, fill-in-the-blanks approach to personalizing the drive to your requirements. However, ST Configurator can do much more.

One excellent feature of ST Configurator is the Status Monitor, an interactive dashboard that displays important drive information and also allows you to interact with the drive. The Status Monitor is available in the Drive menu of ST Configurator.

The Status Monitor automatically adjusts to display information specific to the drive you’re using. Digital and analog input status is displayed in real time. Digital outputs are displayed as well, which you can force ON or OFF to test by clicking on the LO and HI buttons. Using encoder feedback? Information about the encoder is displayed here as well. You can also monitor the drive’s general status, check for alarms and faults, and enable or disable the motor with the click of a button.

The Status Monitor is one of many great features of the ST Configurator software. Another great feature is that it’s free. Download it today and consider a stepper drive from Applied Motion for your next project. Download ST Configurator here.

Status Monitor

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