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What's New in STAC5?

by Mike Fahey

STAC5 stepper drives from Applied Motion Products are the ultimate in step motor control. But we haven’t stopped there in our effort to make them the premier stepper drives in the world!

Closed loop control has been a very popular option on the STAC5 drives and recently we’ve added to its functionality. Previously the dynamic “stall prevention” feature was only available via stored programs or streaming commands, but now by popular demand this feature is accessible in step and direction mode and encoder following mode. Check out Jeff Kordik’s Encoder Feedback in Step Motors Systems video to see and hear more about closed loop control of step motors.

Ease of use is always high on the lists. To that end, the STAC5 family is the beneficiary of our new fully integrated ST Configurator™ software. With the new ST Configurator, the Q Programmer™ is built in – which means no switching between programs and all the tools you need are in one place. The ST Configurator software makes setting up, configuring and programming STAC5 drives a snap. All motor, I/O, encoder and motion control parameters are available to the user through an intuitive interface. The ST Stepper Drives with Ethernet video provides a nice overview of the basics of getting an Ethernet drive started up.

Like many of our drives the STAC5 series has several modes of control. Users can choose between step and direction, streaming serial commands, Q programming, and EtherNet/IP communications. For EtherNet/IP users we continue to add programmer's tools and application notes designed to make interfacing with PLC’s quick and easy. There are three application notes available for now: one for connecting to Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC’s, one for connecting to Allen Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLC’s, and one for Add-On Instructions in Allen Bradley’s RSLogix5000. Keep an eye on the Application Notes section of the web site under the Support menu for more notes and programming examples to come.

The STAC5 series of drives delivers the highest step motor performance and ease of use available anywhere. With the new closed loop operation in step and direction mode, the all-in-one ST Configurator software, and application notes with example code, the STAC5 drives are even better. Check out the STAC5 series today.