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Did You Know? Our Custom Motor Abilities

by Jim Amos

Applied Motion can customize your motor. As with our other value added capabilities, such as mounting encoders and gearheads, we offer quick turnaround on custom shaft treatments and connectivity options.

Our well equipped machine shop and in-house draftsmen give Applied Motion the unique ability to customize your step motor. Our production facility will make quick work of your cabling and connectivity requirements. Need a longer cable with a specific connector? We can do it. Need Teflon wire with vacuum grease filled bearings? We can do that. Custom shaft treatments include slotted, hollow, or hollow and tapped. We can press fit a gear or pulley. How about cross drilled or helical cut shaft extensions, we’ve done that. Do you need the rear end-bell precisely milled to accept a unique position-indication device? Great, we will do that. If your project requires a stepper motor with features not normally found on the shelf please call our Applications department at 1-800-525-1609 for assistance in evaluating your needs.

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