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User Generated Files for NI LabVIEW

by Eric Rice

For many of our customers, the LabVIEW™ software application from National Instruments is a central control piece. One of the great reasons to choose Applied Motion drives and motors when using LabVIEW is our powerful serial command language (SCL). SCL is a text-based command language with a simple and intuitive syntax.

Example SCL command: 1FL20000<cr>

The example command above executes a relative move command of 20000 steps (or encoder counts if using a servo drive). The first character “1” designates the drive address. This is not needed in single axis (point-to-point) applications, but in multi-axis applications it allows you to control individual drives on the network one at a time. (TIP: leave the address off in a multi-axis network for broadcasting a command to all axes).

The next characters “FL” designate the command, in this case a Feed to Length, or relative move command. Commands in SCL are always comprised of two capital letters. The next set of characters “20000” designates the distance to move in steps or encoder counts. The “<cr>”, which is not typed in most programming environments, designates a carriage return. The carriage return terminates the command string (no line feed required).

Due to the popularity of SCL with LabVIEW, some of our customers have given us their LabVIEW Virtual Instrument (VI) files to share with other users. In appreciation of their generosity, we have collected these VI files together in one place so that all of our customers can benefit. Below is a link to download this collection of VI files. Please feel free to use them in your next LabVIEW project.


Note, although these files are provided as-is and with no support documentation, we’d love to hear your feedback about them. If you decide to take advantage of these files and find them useful (or not so useful) please let us know.

Also, when starting off with an SCL application make sure to download the Host Command Reference and keep it handy. This document contains all of the commands available in our SCL as well as important details for RS-232/422/485 and Ethernet connections to our drives.

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