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Did You Know? New Configurator in Town

by Eric Rice

Readers who have used our ST, STM or STAC stepper drives are probably familiar with our ST Configurator™ set up software. Many of you have also used Q Programmer™ for constructing and testing stored Q programs, and a few of you have probably updated your drive’s firmware to access the latest features.

On March 31, we’ll be releasing a new version of ST Configurator™ that supports our entire range of configurable stepper drives, including the popular DC powered ST line, the STM integrated drive+motor and our AC powered STAC drives. 98 models are supported.

The new ST Configurator™ version 3.1 provides seamless communication with all models whether they have RS-232, RS-485, CANopen or Ethernet communication. It also includes a built-in Q Programmer™ so you can switch context quickly and easily. Firmware downloader utilities for our DSP and ARM processors are also just a click away.

ST Configurator™ version 3.1 replaces all previous versions of ST Configurator™, as well as ST Configurator™ Ethernet and STAC Configurator™.

This new tool was designed to make your job easier and more productive. Not sure which motor is best for the ST5? Need a connector pin diagram for the STAC6? Context sensitive help is there when you need it. Please check our website for a free download or sign up now and we’ll notify you on release day.