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Did You Know? Trim a Move Parameter

by Bob Loyzim

There are some applications using Q Programmer™ that require the operator to make a slight “trim” adjustment to a move parameter. An HMI can be used to do this but a simpler approach, using the drive’s analog input, is often easier and less expensive. The example program below shows trim capability built into an application. An STM24QF integrated stepper is used in this example but all Q drives have an analog input so all can use this approach. In this example, the program waits for IN 1 to go LOW then moves a nominal distance of 40,000 counts. The operator can trim the nominal distance +/- 15% by adjusting a knob on a potentiometer. The potentiometer feeds the analog input of the STM24QF.

Want the operator to have more control, say 25%? Just load register 2 with 25 (line 3 of the program) and now the trim range is 30,000 to 50,000 counts.

You can try this Q program yourself by downloading it here.

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