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Did You Know? Joystick Mode

by Mike Fahey

Using a joystick to control the speed and position of a motor is an intuitive solution in many applications. Joystick operation is available with many Applied Motion drives, both stepper and servo.

Many joysticks are potentiometer based, which is the type to choose. A 10 kilohm potentiometer will work well. For steppers use the ST Configurator™ software to set up the drive for joystick operation. For servos use the Quick Tuner™ software.

Both the ST Configurator™ and Quick Tuner™ software applications can be downloaded from the software section of our website.  The example below uses a stepper drive and the ST Configurator™ software. Here's how it works:

Step 1) From the home screen click on the Motion button.

Step 2) Click on Velocity (Oscillator) Mode.

Step 3) Uncheck the box "Use X1/STEP input as Run/Stop command " and check the box "Speed proportional to analog input". Then click Advanced Settings.

Step 4) Set the Offset to 2500 mV.

Step 5) Return to the home screen (by clicking OK) and download the settings to the drive. Then wire the joystick to the analog input of the drive. The center position of the joystick is stopped, while the ends of the joystick are full speed in either direction. There is no easier setup on Earth!

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