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Did You Know? Easy Servo Tuning

by Jim Amos

When your application calls for a closed loop servo system you must take into consideration the requirements for tuning. For many systems the load inertia is the primary factor in setting the tuning parameters. Embedded in our Quick Tuner™ software are tuning files for all recommended motor-drive combinations. When choosing a motor file you will have the option of using a predetermined inertia load as indicated by a suffix in the file name. For instance, V0300-212-B-X5.svt is a tuning file for a V0300-212-B motor driving a load with 5 times the motor’s rotor inertia.

These pre-characterized tuning files very often provide a well damped, stable solution. If your system requires additional adjustment a jerk filter can be added. This provides an “S” shape to the acceleration and deceleration ramps and can result in a smoother motion profile. We also provide a simple-to-follow, step-by-step advanced tuning procedure in the Quick Tuner™ manual. Our virtual oscilloscope in Quick Tuner™ makes simple work of plotting your tuning results.

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