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Did You Know? 2-Day Delivery on Gearheads

by Eric Rice

Applied Motion offers a range of high performance, true planetary gearheads that complement our offering of step motors, integrated steppers and servo motors. These gearheads offer high torque output, high efficiency and high shaft loading capacity.

And what’s better is that the majority of our gearheads ship within 48 hours when ordered to fit on an Applied Motion motor. That’s right, just 2 days to ship a motion-grade, precision gearhead that’s ready to be assembled to your step or servo motor.

There are two series of gearheads offered for quick delivery. The PL series gearheads are our highest performance gearheads, offering the highest strength and efficiency with the lowest backlash. The VL series gearheads offer true planetary performance and great value in a compact design. Both series offer a wide range of ratios, from as low as 4:1 to as high as 100:1.

To view the PL and VL series gearhead ratios that are available for quick delivery visit the gearheads page of our website.

Applied Motion also offers customized gearhead solutions as well as some legacy series. To view legacy series gearheads on our website, visit the gearheads page and check the box marked Show/Hide Archived Products? For customized gearhead solutions please contact us with your application requirements.

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