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Did You Know? Flex I/O on the STM24

by Dennis Joyce

The new STM24SF and QF models of integrated stepping motors have four optically isolated 5-24 vdc Flex I/O points. Each of these I/O points can be configured for use as either an input or as an output, or as a pre-defined function that is based on whichever STM model you are using. Assignment of the Flex I/O points is realized by use of our free ST Configurator™ software. Simply open our ST Configurator™ software and select the Control Mode you wish to operate in by pressing the Motion & I/O button. We accomplish the assignment of the Flex I/O as shown in the screen captures below:

Once you have assigned the Flex I/O in ST Configurator™ make sure to click the Download to Drive button to download the configuration to your STM24.

Now just confirm the assignments you made by verifying them in the table on the right hand side of the ST Configurator™ screen.

You're done, it's that easy!

To view specifications and prices for all of the STM24 integrated stepper models visit the STM24 integrated steppers series page.

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