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Did You Know? Regen Clamp for DC Drives

by Jason Jones

Many servo and stepper systems require a clamping circuit to limit increases in power supply voltage when the motor is decelerating under load. As the motor reduces its speed it increases the voltage on the DC bus of the drive. This is commonly referred to as “regeneration”, and occurs when DC motors are driven by their load. Generally, this situation occurs in cases where a large inertial mass is being decelerated.

During regeneration, the DC motor can produce enough regenerative voltage to actually exceed the input power supply voltage. Applied Motion stepper and servo drives can deal with regeneration by channeling the increased motor voltage back to the source power supply. However, depending on your application, if the voltage is not clamped to a safe level the power supply and/or drive can be damaged or destroyed.

Applied Motion Products offers the RC-050 regen clamp module for our DC powered drive products. With this module, one or more drives can be protected from over-voltage conditions by placing the clamp module between the power supply and the drive. The clamp tracks the input power supply and will operate from 24 to 80 volts. No adjustments are needed.

The module is small and compact to minimize impact on the system design. More than one drive can be connected to the clamp module with the potential to handle an entire multi-axis system.

More information can be found on the RC-050 product page.

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