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Maple Systems & Applied Motion

by Eric Rice

For many modern machine builders, touchscreen HMIs have become an essential component for granting machine operators intuitive and functional access to system parameters, diagnostics and data.

Applied Motion Products is very pleased to announce that Maple Systems, Inc., a premier manufacturer of touchscreen HMIs, has released an Ethernet-based communications driver to support Applied Motion’s line of stepper and servo drives. All Applied Motion stepper and servo drives with Ethernet ports can now talk directly to a Graphic HMI from Maple Systems, allowing access to Q programming functions and data registers within the drive.

With the combination of Q programming from Applied Motion and a Graphic HMI from Maple Systems, machine builders and operators can enjoy powerful motion control and I/O programming coupled with a full-featured, fully programmable touchscreen HMI. This greatly enhances the functionality of both motion control and operator interface in the final machine design, in many cases even replacing the need for a PLC.

Applied Motion drives currently supported by the Maple Systems Ethernet driver include the following:

Stepper drives:
ST10-Q-EN, ST10-Q-EE
STAC5-Q-N120, STAC5-Q-E120
STAC5-Q-N220, STAC5-Q-E220

Servo drives:

For more information on the integration between Maple Systems and Applied Motion, including sample programs and step-by-step instructions for getting started, download the following “Maple Systems with Ethernet Drive” application note: