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Blast From the Past - AMP Then and Now

by John Mullen

Take a quick walk with us down memory lane...

Some 32 years ago a young salesman from an old industrial company saw potential demand for high tech uses of step motors. When he approached his employer about this emerging market, they did not share his enthusiasm or vision.

Not to be deterred, Jim Blincoe sought out the help of yet another visionary, an engineer by the name of Ken Kordik. Together they started what over the years has evolved into an international motion control company offering state of the art drive & control electronics, sophisticated software, step & servo motors, motion grade power supplies and accessory products.

Though we continue to look forward to offering advanced technology based products, we have not forgotten our early beginnings (and slightly longer or darker heads of hair).

From top: Jim Blincoe, Ken Kordik, Jeff Kordik and John Mullen

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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