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Did You Know? - Sensorless Homing

by Michael Sierakowski

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides the foundation for much of the latest stepper control innovation. Precision current control via custom algorithms within the DSP and encoder feedback allow today’s stepper drive technology to detect stalling of a step motor. Applied Motion Products takes this technology a step further by providing the logic necessary to allow user control of the system current in a near-stall situation to ride through or prevent most stall conditions.

One additional benefit to the stall detection current control is the ability to apply user logic via Q Programmer. Moving to a hard stop, with stall detection enabled, provides the ability to detect a stall situation relative to position and reverse off of a hard stop to a predictable and repeatable home position. User selectable idle and running currents provide a quiet and smooth homing routine eliminating noise and vibration at end stops improving motion control accuracy and reliability through intelligent fault recovery. Adding an encoder to any Applied Motion Products stepper motor with today’s current control (provided by proprietary algorithms in the Applied Motion Products DSP) allows for stall detection, stall prevention, and sensorless homing. Please contact our applications department for tips on applying this technology to your application.

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