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Did You Know? - Breakout Boards

by Jeff Kordik

Many Applied Motion drives use screw terminal connectors for easy wiring. But screw terminal connectors take up a lot of space, so most of our programmable drives use higher density “D-SUB” connectors, allowing for more compact designs. Drives with D-SUB connectors include the popular ST, SV, STAC and BLU models.

D-SUB connectors are preferred by many OEMs because cable harnesses can be produced on automated equipment using the “crimp and poke” style mating connectors. Or you can hand solder wires to a “solder cup” style mating connector.

A third alternative is to convert these D-SUB connectors to screw terminals by adding a “breakout board”. We are pleased to offer two breakout boards as accessories. The BOB-1 connects to drives that have DB-25 female connectors, and mounts easily on 35mm DIN rail.

The BOB-2 connects to the DB-25 male connectors used on the STAC6-Si, BLUAC5-Si and Si2035, and also mounts easily on 35mm DIN rail. It is sometimes jokingly called “BABS” because, well, it’s a female BOB.

BOB-1 and BOB-2 include a three foot cable and are available to ship from stock.

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