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Did You Know? - New STAC Configurator™

by Eric Rice

With the introduction of the new STAC5 stepper drives, Applied Motion has expanded what used to be called the STAC6 Configurator™ software to include both the STAC5 and STAC6 stepper drives. Accordingly, the name of the software has changed to STAC Configurator™

The new STAC Configurator™ software has the same great features as before, including an intuitive and simple interface for configuring the stepper drive and motor. After launching STAC Configurator™, simply select RS-232/422 to configure a STAC6 drive, or Ethernet to configure a STAC5 drive.

STAC Configurator™ includes a built-in Help file and tools for quickly setting up STAC6 and STAC5 stepper drives and motors in your application. Download STAC Configurator™ directly from our website.

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