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SV7 Servo Drive with Ethernet

by Jeff Kordik

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the availability of an Ethernet communication option for our popular SV7 servo drive. This option allows applications to communicate using the SCL and Q languages over standard 100 Mbit Ethernet cabling, addressing and protocols.

The SV7 is a servo controller in a compact, cost-effective package. This DC input drive is loaded with features and options to make it a great choice for many OEM applications. SV7 drives can be controlled via analog signal or step and direction inputs. Alternatively, they can be programmed to act as stand-alone units with the power of Q programmer or the simplicity of the Si software.

In addition to Ethernet, streaming commands can also be sent to the SV7 drives over RS-232, RS-485 or CANopen.

The SV7 also provides an upgrade path for users who want to migrate from steppers to a brushed or brushless servo motor without a large cost increase. Paired with a V series servo motor this motor/drive combination offers great value.

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