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Did You Know? - Auto Trigger in Quick Tuner™

by Bob Loyzim

Quick Tuner™ has a built-in scope that is very useful for verifying tuning parameters. For many customers our pre-configured tuning files are all that’s needed to set the servo parameters. You can verify the system’s performance after downloading a pre-configured file by selecting the Sample Move option in the Tuning-Sampling tab. Here you can use a built-in move profile generator to actuate the motor and observe the system performance in the scope screen. This procedure is useful for all applications, especially those requiring symmetrical move profiles, such as indexing moves in Q and Si Programs.

Applied Motion servos can also execute non-symmetrical move profiles, velocity commands, torque commands and pulse inputs. A solution for observing these more complex move profiles is to use the Auto Trigger. Here you can set the scope to capture system performance based on a number of parameters, including Position Error, Actual Speed, Current, and more. First select the parameter you wish to monitor (in the first Plot drop-down menu) and define its trigger point. Next, define the time limit and percentage delay for the capture. Arm the system by clicking the START button and activate your external control signal. When the trigger point is reached the scope will automatically start capturing system performance and display it on screen.

Download the Quick Tuner™ software.

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