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Did You Know? - DC Power Supplies

by Eric Rice

Applied Motion offers 24 and 48 volt DC power supplies to complement our line of DC-powered stepper and servo drives.

Selecting which power supply is right for your application is simple. For stepper drives, review the speed-torque curves in the hardware manual of your stepper drive. These curves show motor performance at both 24 and 48 volts. Simply pick the curve – and power supply – that meet your needs. For DC-power servo drives, such as the SV7, BLuDC4, and BLuDC9 drives, use the voltage rating of the servo motor you want to use to determine the power supply you need.

Voltage & Pricing:
PS150A24 $116.00 each, 24 volts, 150 Watts, 6.3 amps
PS320A48 $176.00 each, 48 volts, 320 Watts, 6.7 amps

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