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The Make It Move Scholarship

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Our world today is driven by creativity and innovation, by brilliant ideas that can come from a single, young mind, containing the power to move the world into the future. If you are one of these creative minds, looking to make one of your innovations a reality, then you might have the chance to earn some extra college money. Applied Motion Products is proud to announce The Make It Move scholarship, specifically designed for those who want to turn their brilliant ideas into moving, working realities.

The Make It Move Scholarship will award one winner a $1000 scholarship to use towards funding their academic career. The Make It Move Scholarship is open to U.S. citizens and international students enrolled in high school or an undergraduate/graduate program at an accredited U.S. institution.

How to Apply

To apply, you need to do four things:
  1. Take your great idea, and turn it into an actual moving creation.

  2. Film your final creation in action using Instagram.

  3. Include a short description about your creation.

  4. Upload it to Instagram including the hashtag #ampmakeitmove.

What kind of creation you ask? That’s up to you. You can build it out of anything – crafts, household items, trash or random empty cereal boxes in your dorm room. Let your inner MacGyver loose, get creative, make something move, and you could be earning some money.

Important Dates and Deadlines

All projects will need to be fully uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag no later than the final deadline of October 16, 2015 in order to be considered for the scholarship. No other additional documents or forms (letters of recommendation, etc.) are required for submission.

Selection Process

Once entries are received, they will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of managing staff members of Applied Motion. The decision of the panel will be based on which student’s creation best exemplified the originality, ingenuity, and mechanical skill to drive the advancement of today’s technological society.
The winning student will be selected and notified by November 13, 2015 for the Fall semester. The winner will be awarded a $1000 scholarship.

About Our Scholarship

As a leader in motion control and integrated motors, Applied Motion is dedicated to fostering innovation and facilitating technical creativity amongst our younger generations, the pillars of America’s future technological growth. The Make It Move scholarship serves to inspire these youth to realize the possibilities of their dreams and help provide them with the means to build them into a reality.