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Product Overview

MDX Integrated Servo Motors

Combining the high torque-density, low rotor-inertia design of J Series Servo Motors and the all-digital servo drive technology of SV200 Servo Drives, the MDX Integrated Servo Motors are all-in-one servo motors where the motor, encoder, drive and servo controller are integrated into a single motor package. There are no cables to connect the servo drive to the servo motor. Power, I/O, and communications can be plugged directly into the connectors on the motor.

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AGV Drive Assembly Demo

The AGV drive assembly demo highlights one of the solutions we have created specifically for mobile robots and AGVs. The assembly shown in the video is for a traction drive wheel and consists of an integrated servo motor, planetary gearhead, and drive wheel mounted directly to the gearhead’s output flange.

Integrated servo motors include on-board motion control, I/O, and communications for direct connection to the on-board computer or controller of the mobile robot. No other external motor controller is required.

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Multi-Axis Pick-and-Place Demo

The multi-axis pick-and-place demo includes 9 axes of motion and highlights our capabilities in a number of ways. The demo includes at least one type of motor from each of our four primary product categories: StepSERVO motors, stepper motors, servo motors, and BLDC motors. The 9 axes of motion are synchronized via a Windows PC that streams Serial Command Language (SCL) commands to all axes over an RS-485 communications bus.

The demo comprises four main functions:

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XYZ Gantry Demo

The XYZ gantry demo features 4 sets of StepSERVO drives and motors running coordinated motion in three axes. There are two motor and drive sets on the X and X’ axes, one on the Y axis, and a fourth on the Z axis. The synchronized motion commands are sent to the axes over the EtherCAT network.

StepSERVO closed-loop technology improves every aspect of step motor performance by creating a peak torque range that increases acceleration and machine throughput. This is done while reducing overall current consumption in the motor for less heating and greater efficiency.

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Inside the Lab: Greater Efficiency with StepSERVO

Today in the lab we’re looking at the benefits in efficiency that can be achieved by upgrading traditional, open loop step motor systems with closed loop step motor systems. Power consumption has a negative effect on revenue when energy bills run high. Today’s demonstration will show how you can save energy by utilizing StepSERVO closed loop integrated motors.

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Inside the Lab: Greater Torque With StepSERVO

Today in the lab we’re looking at how closed loop step motor systems outperform traditional open loop step motors in terms of torque. To demonstrate that, we’ve got two equally sized step motors. On the one hand we’ve got a conventional motor that we’ll drive open loop with a basic microstepping drive. On the other hand, we’ve got a StepSERVO closed loop integrated motor.

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Applied Motion Products at ATX West 2016

February 9-11, 2016. At the ATX West trade show in Anaheim, CA, Applied Motion introduced several exciting new products to the market. The family of StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Stepper Products expands further with the introduction of (1) NEMA 34 frame integrated motors, (2) stand-alone, non-integrated motor and drive components, and (3) a Power Over Ethernet (POE) version of the NEMA 11 frame size integrated motor. The NEMA 34 frame StepSERVO integrated motors come in an IP40 rated version, the TSM34, as well as an IP65 rated version, the TXM34, for use in wet and dusty environments.

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SV200 Digital Servo Drives and J Series Servo Motors

The SV200 servo drives utilize programmable notch filters, an anti-vibration algorithm and auto-tuning. These features ensure smooth motion and accurate positioning for the most demanding applications, as well as an easy means of configuring the drive. The SV200 servo drives are designed to be used with J Series servo motors in the 200W, 400W and 750W power range. Select the control option of the SV200 servo drive that best meets your control requirements. For basic pulse & direction or analog torque/velocity applications choose the P model.


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